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how do I find my mobile number? : Hello Buddy’s !!!  you do worry I’m not asking  you any Question, just I repeated your question, so you will get full information and all you can check mobile number.

Are you scratching your head to check mobile no, no more headache and no more worry’s, you will defiantly get the solution for your mobile number check. I am here to solve your bull shit questions, and help you to solve those unless worries.

Why I am writing this article, because I also faced the same problem in one situation, let me explain the story. It would be similar to you. Also, I took a new sim card and at next day I need to top up the mobile number I didn’t remember the mobile number what I do at the time I didn’t know this USSD code for mobile number check. I contact the customer care but they didn’t respond well later I got all this mobile number check codes.

Here you can lookup cell phone number, let going to the process.

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Steps to simply know your mobile number :

1) First you need to open dial pad

2) Type the USSD code that related to your network given below

3) After hit dial call button.

4) You will get the popup window with your mobile number.

How to know my idea number :

How to check idea number? This is your question right. Many people can check own idea number by them self, using this Idea USSD Code you get the idea self-mobile number. A lot of members are checking for how to find my idea number here you can get the solution.People have many cracking questions in their mind like how to know my idea number by ussd code, find my idea number,

How to know my idea number

Idea check mobile no :   *147*8*2# (or) *1#

How to know my jio number:

Jio jio jio!!! Nowadays each and everyone using jio on their smartphone. Still, members do not know their mobile number because they didn’t need to recharge their mobile number. But now ended their jio free offers. so you need to recharge the mobile number now. Every beware of check jio number here we guide how to find jio number. Just dial below jio ussd code to know you jio number.To check my jio number check code use this below code.

Jio Check number: *1#

The alternative way to check jio no:

Go to my jio app their you can get you jio number top of the application.

How to know my Airtel number:

Airtel is the one of the biggest mobile networks in India.if you didn’t remember your mobile number the question is how to check airtel number. Do you need how to find airtel number?  the below airtel USSD code gives your airtel own mobile number.

How to know my Airtel number

Airtel mobile number check: *121*9# (or) *282#.

How to know my Vodafone number:

Vodafone is the third largest company in India Formally it is hutch later Vodafone buys the hutch telecom company. Here is the place how to check Vodafone number. The below code can provide your Vodafone own mobile number.How to know my Vodafone number

Vodafone: *111*2#.

How to know my Bsnl number:

Bsnl(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) it is owned by the government of India. The Below USSD codes can help you fine bsnl number. How to check bsnl number, the below codes give you a solution. Bsnl is providing free bsnl online number, for more bsnl prepaid plans click here.

How to know my Bsnl number

Bsnl        *1# or *99# or *222#

In Tamilnadu, Bsnl USSD code is different from other states here is the code for Bsnl number check in tamilnadu

BSNL Tamilnadu Works only for this *888#

How to know my Aircel number:

Aircel is one of the famous telecom networks in the metro city. Where many members are asking How to check Aircel number. The following steps help you to fine Aircel number. The Below Aircel USSD code can help you to find my Aircel no.

Aircel:  *234*4# or *1# or *888#

How to know my Reliance number:

Are you using Reliance sim card? You need to check your reliance mobile number. It is very easy to check reliance ussd codes. The below code is giving to check reliance gsm number. For more ussd code for reliance, you can click here.

Reliance: *1#

 How to know my Docomo number:

Tata Docomo is belonged to TATA groups. Docomo gives an excellent offer to their customers. How to check Docomo number? May this question is only from you, many people are asking tata Docomo number check. I mention following Docomo number check code one of then is work for you.

How to know my Docomo number

Tata Docomo: *1#  or *580# or *124#

Alternatives ways for checking mobile number:

Method 1:

  • If you have some balance in the mobile number.
  • Give a missed call to your friend beside you.
  • You can get mobile number.

Method 2:

  • Just dial operator customer care number.
  • The number is 198.
  • And ask them to tell your number.
  • Tip 1: Ask in a polite way they sure tell you mobile number.
  • Tip 2: Give them a rezone I need to recharge mobile number please tell the number.

Conclusion:  The above all USSD codes are working fine. Myself I checked each and every on code personally they are working fine for me I’m sure they are work for you too. The above mobile ussd codes are used to check mobile number only. You also search codes in this website for ussd codes of self-request. I think all codes help you to check own number. Thank you for reading this article I hope you link it. If you have any query’s  please comment below I will give to the solution.

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